NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, a popular form of digital art, thanks to Blockchain technology, have swept the space like crazy. Several projects enter the market every day, many offering a unique experience and the chance to collect a valuable asset. And the latest entrant in the list is ModelVerse, a project aimed to acknowledge the efforts of women and celebrate their beauty. 

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain, ModelVerse’s primary collection, MetaDoll, is already making quite a wave amongst NFT enthusiasts and collectors. The project aims to limit each MetaDoll series to 10,000 NFTs or less to ensure scarcity, a significant factor that drives value in the market. The Modelverse NFTs are not meant as investment opportunities but collectibles, offering access to exclusive content, comics, gaming, and merchandise. The media access is specific to the model or fictional character held. So, the more, the better!

Another factor that separates ModelVerse from the other projects is its community-oriented approach. The project plans to hold regular polls on Twitter to receive honest feedback and inputs and, subsequently, make changes and amends wherever required. It keeps the community engaged as well as their inputs help the project climb the ladder to success. 

ModelVerse believes in organic growth and doesn’t employ the shady strategies and marketing tactics often used by other projects. It’s all kept simple and transparent to drive engagement! 

The project is not marketing its NFTs as profitable assets and making tall claims of its success. Though the initial response from the community is an indicator that the NFTs sure have managed to create a storm, and with the project regularly adding value to it, the future is bound to be favorable. 

The creators behind ModelVerse have accomplished a great deal in their careers spanning more than a decade. Their knowledge of both business and finance, in general, adds great value to the future of ModelVerse.

So, for those who had been looking forward to owning an NFT, this could be the perfect opportunity. A community-oriented project like this is hard to find, and the idea behind it resonates with thoughts from the real world. So, get as many and enjoy access to exclusive content!

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