P2P filesharing giant KRYPTOX declared on July that , the blockchain-based live file sharing platform, will be merging its ecosystem.Through this association, KRYPTOX will bring peer-to-peer content sharing and live streaming abilities to its networks, currently counting 1000 users.

KRYPTOX CEO Leon Tiger told that following Dropboxs crypto-content ban, decentralized content platforms are the future.

“It’s unfortunate to see file sharing platforms such as dropbox taking down crypto-related content. This is the issue with centralized agencies. Decentralized cloud storaging platforms such as KRYPTOX newest version are the future of the web 3.0.”

KRYPTOX which launched it’s beta in 2021, now has over 1000 thousand monthly active users and a thrilling file sharing community. One of the world’s most popular crypto influencers already are using the platform. 

“KRYPTOX is one of the best real-world examples of what is possible when you combine blockchain technology and the power of cloud storaging. KRYPTOX is a great solution for everybody that wants to participate in the new web 3.0. Think of how valuable all the data that gets transferred is and that the users have now total control over it..”

KRYPTOX will consolidate its account systems with its new network to combine the communities further. For instance, KRYPTOX, will move into the right direction to show its users a new way of sharing data online. KRYPTOX will also promote their products and services on all types of crypto media outlets to help people participating in that new revolution.

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63lYcPJMQKRM3YNcuGtaFw

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/Kryptoxnetwork


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