Q1. Please introduce yourself?

Hi. I am Alisher Abdumalik KHAN, founder of Mangu Innovation, which is unique Crypto platform in not only Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia.

Q2. What is Mangu Innovation about? Can you give us a brief?

Mangu Innovation is Startup project which gathers peculiar segments of international successful projects. It has its advertising area (like like Million Dollars Homepage ), market(like Ali Baba) and exchange. Token holders can buy goods for tokens and, at the same time they can place their ads to the special area and more…

Q3. Where is the project based and what are your target regions?

The company was established in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and according to roadmap, we are about to go international.

Q4. What makes Mangu Innovation stand out from all of the other crypto projects?

What makes the project remarkable is that, so far, the project has been working over 2.5 years without being listed on Crypto exchanges. Another innovative aspect is the project creates atmosphere for Brands in today`s digital world. As there are no competitor projects in Central Asia in this major, the flourishing future of cryptocurrency will be linked with the prospect of Mangu Innovation

Q5. What exchanges are you on now? Any future exchange listing planned?

October 17,2020, Public sales is commencing on VinDAX. So far, many exchanges(Coinsbit, indoex, hotbit, p2pb2b, binance, finexbox, coinlim and others) have been writing offering Listing proposal. According to roadmap, we will have listed our tokens on EXMO till March 2021, Binance till the end of 2021. We are now thinking about listing on Coinsbit and one other exchange till the end of 2020.

Q6. What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with Mangu Innovations?

Initially, the goal was launched to develop e-currency and digital economy in Central Asia, on March 1, 2018, the project opened and the company’s product became e-currency in a limited form (total amount of currency 1,017,125 quote: MNG) in a short time due to the activity and at the request of investors of this project.

Our objectives:

  1. Develop a single Market for sales of unique products and branded items in Central Asia (all consumers will buy products using tokens)
  2. Develop a delivery system for goods within Central Asia
  3. Develop e-economy in Central Asia and minimize money transfer fees from 8% (maximum percentage) to 0.1%
  4. Develop the Cashback system (due to the lack of development of sales methods, the Cashback system has not yet been studied in Central Asia)
  5. Develop tourism relationships with other cultures

Q7. What was your motivation behind the project?

For us, the project is the tool to develop the digitally innovative world and help to get rid of poverty among mankind. I think, this is the best motivation of every single smart person!

Q8. What other features are there in Mangu Innovation?

We have some cool features:

  • Our advantage : MANGU INNOVATION project is the first of its kind. We touch on many sides in the trading business.
  • Easy shopping : Any products and delivery are possible with the help of our cryptocurrency.
  • Token storage : Any official ETH wallet supports our token. It’s fast and convenient..
  • Profit : Our cryptocurrency is constantly growing in value. We are on the exchanges.
  • Exchange : The token can be easily exchanged for a Fiat currency or other cryptocurrency.
  • Convenience : Instant sales and purchases, delivery via blockchain.

Some other futures will be added during the process!

Q9. What is the significance of MNGUZ Token? What are the use cases?

You can sell your MNGUZ tokens in VinDAX exchange and others or you can benefit by renting your tokens for brands on Uzmangu.com, the first crypto-platform in Central Asia. Furthermore, Token holders can travel to Uzbekistan, amazing country with lots of historical sightseeings!

Q10. Why anyone should invest in MNGUZ?

Because there are some unique advantages:

  • No competitors in Central Asia in our industries
  • Not mineable (number of 1,017,125 MNG.UZ tokens)
  • The project has its own audience of 50,000 active users for almost 3 years
  • There is an advertising platform where you can place ads for free (for purchased tokens)
  • No commission transfers (0.1 – 1%)
  • Purchase of goods (for tokens) and their delivery in Central Asia
  • After the release of their blockchain system, all investors will receive forked coin at the same quantity

Q11. How are you going to use the raised funds? What is your fund allocation plan?

Raised funds will be spent on the plans of the Corporation. I will give you exact allocation plan.

  • 1% Bounty
  • 3% Marketing
  • 5% Reward, Consultants, Partners
  • 6% PRE-SALE, ICO
  • 10% Team
  • 15% Organization
  • 60% General public

This is clear plan and this may be altered during the process.

Q12. Any message for investors?

We appreciate every investor of the project! Presence, activeness of them and our hard work will lead massive results. We work for their comfort and faith. We ask them confidently invest in our innovative and lucrative project!


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