Hartmann & Benz, a leading  company in the gold market, is proud to announce its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) and EasyGold token private sale from March on the OTCQB market. The company will release its shares to the public, allowing trading and investment opportunities. The OTCQB market is designed for early-stage and developing companies, making it the perfect platform for Hartmann & Benz to expand its reach and growth.

In conjunction with the IPO, Hartmann & Benz is launching its highly-anticipated EasyGold 24 security token on the OTCQB market.This innovative token represents gold ownership and offers investors a convenient and cost-effective way to hold and trade large quantities of gold without needing physical storage. Hartmann & Benz has received the EasyGold24  award in 2022 as the most Innovate Award for its groundbreaking approach to gold investment.

The listing process is expected to take approximately 7-8 months to complete and will provide Hartmann & Benz with the opportunity to share its success story with a wider audience. The company has met the stringent requirements for listing on the OTCQB market and is dedicated to continuing to meet the highest financial standards.Moreover, OTC securities refer to any security traded outside of conventional exchanges like NASDAQ and NYSE. Based in NYC, the OTC market is an ideal place for the public launch of Hartmann & Benz shares. 

Potential investors are encouraged to review Hartmann & Benz’s company information as described in its whitepaper and one-pager. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations and the benefits of investing in Hartmann & Benz. The whitepaper is available on the company’s website, providing valuable insights into the EasyGold24 security token and its role in streamlining the gold investment process.

Hartmann & Benz has a proven track record of success and a commitment to providing its customers with the best possible experience. The company has been a leader in the gold market for many years and has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider of gold investment solutions. With the EasyGold24 security token launch, Hartmann & Benz is poised to revolutionize how people invest in gold.

Additionally, the upcoming IPO and launch of the EasyGold24 security token represent an exciting new chapter for Hartmann & Benz. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible investment experience and looks forward to sharing its success story with a wider audience. The public listing on the OTCQB market will provide the company with new opportunities for growth and expansion. Investors are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest in a proven market leader.

Investors interested in following Hartmann & Benz’s progress can stay informed by following the company on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The company is dedicated to keeping its supporters and investors up-to-date on its latest news and developments.

About Hartmann & Benz

Hartmann & Benz is a company specializing in purchasing raw and old gold. The company’s mission is to make it easy and convenient for individuals to invest in gold. With the EasyGold24 security token, Hartmann & Benz is revolutionizing the way people hold and trade gold.