Today cryptocurrencies are on the verge of becoming mainstream as not just institutions and financial giants but even countries have turned towards its use. El Salvador is a glaring example of how Bitcoin and crypto assets have come from being called a bubble to now countries making it a legal tender. However, despite the progress made by the crypto ecosystem, there are still issues that need to be resolved and currently, the biggest issue is energy consumption by the Bitcoin network and the massive carbon footprint it leaves behind. As a result, most of the crypto exchanges have started buying carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint generated by holding Bitcoin and other crypto assets. This is where Greenex comes in with its digital ecosystem that aims to be environmentally sound with no mining, strong security, future hard-asset-backed, integrated ecosystem. Greenex is an advocate for all cryptos and all blockchains and will continue to promote all cryptocurrencies to the world. Greenex will help bring more people from the broader economy to the crypto industry for the first time. 

Greenex is currently working on a renewable energy asset-backed income-generating system, and a diversified future crypto fund. Greenex will invest in clean, green energy assets which solve the further problems of the image of environmental friendliness of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole but also refocus the attention of society on this new technology being able to magnify the vast opportunities for pursuing green energy revolution that the cryptocurrency revolution should operate in tandem together.

Greenex is a smart contract ecosystem that generates income for its token holders through its various enterprises such as enabling custom memes and gif NFTs to be made on the platform and then sold on its marketplace. It has integrated swap and staking features from which fees also flow back to token holders. Greenex is also working with partners around the world in the renewables industry and wellness and organic products industry to provide them with a presence in the new blockchain industry. The long-term vision is to have hard assets in renewable energy that generate income that gets fed back to Greenex holders. By building the digital ecosystem multiple streams of income from the green economy, crypto economy, and the traditional economy are fed back intermittently to the Greenex token holder.

What Makes Greenex an Asset Worth Investing?

Greenex apart from its sustainability and focus on making the crypto ecosystem green also has robust tokenomics that offer great investment prepositions in the native token. The Greenex Coin will receive funding and liquidity which will drive the generation of Green Assets, which in turn will drive the value to both Greenex Coin holders as well as society and most importantly – the environment.

The Greenex (GNX) token, unlike many other crypto assets, has a fixed supply of 420 million tokens that will never be mined, minted, burnt, pumped, or dumped by any one person, entity, or group. Greenex is automatically environmentally friendly as no electricity is needed to provide proof-of-work (mining) or proof-of-stake (staking) which absorb energy. By buying and holding Greenex users are supporting a Green Revolution, both technologically, culturally, and socially. Greenex embodies green energy both for the world and for people.

The 420,000,000 token supply of the Greenex Coin is intended to strike a balance between an ample amount for distribution without requiring decimal denomination and keeping with the philosophy of a finite number. There is also a consideration for the rapid and limitless increase of the global fiat currency volumes that will negate the seemingly large volume in the order of billions.

Greenex Aims to Become an All-in-One Platform

Greenex would start out as a decentralized token with a limited supply backed by real-world assets and businesses, and while the focus is on bringing a green revolution to the crypto market, Greenex is much more than just a single asset. The Greenex ecosystem aims to branch into different popular use cases of crypto market, be it the current rage NFT or the ever growing Defi ecosystem.

Greenex plans to implement a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to provide a vehicle for future investment. The initial Greenex token will remain a vehicle for this investment. In the initial stages, the crypto coin itself will rely on the enthusiasm of the community to help grow the awareness and value of the coin so that it can use the funds to invest in green energy assets. 

Greenex is designed to be a digital green store of value quite similar to bitcoin since the token is backed by real-world, hard assets that generate, store and distribute electricity. Greenex will provide an ecosystem of digital assets and systems such as exchanges, wallets, and NFT platforms as it grows further. Greenex has the goal of encouraging all businesses to be innovative and sustainability focused. The concept of currency being of limited supply is rooted in ancient philosophy and mathematics. However, mathematical understanding has caused a state of flux both in society’s understanding of money and of mathematics. Bitcoin, as a pioneer, has justified and presented a practical example of how a currency can have greater and indeed increasing value. 

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