On June 20th, 2022, at 14:00 Korea Standard time (KST), GEEGOO PUZZLE’s GGP Token was listed on the global virtual asset exchange “Probit Global.” GEEGOO PUZZLE is a company that provides a variety of content and platforms for people around the world to share information and enjoy online games while simultaneously creating added value to their digital assets. With GEEGOO PUZZLE, users can participate in the platform by mining tokens issued throughout the various puzzle games. The platform features a variety of profit structures for users to take advantage of and build their assets while gaming. GEEGOO PUZZLE was created to help achieve a more straightforward method of token mining, as existing token mining systems placed a significant burden on cost and virtual security. With the new GEEGOO PUZZLE platform, token mining is easily accessible, giving users the chance to earn and accrue value during gameplay.

“Our goal was to establish an innovative ecosystem with a strategic virtuous cycle structure combining play and consumption culture,” said a spokesperson for GEEGOO PUZZLE. “Through the launch of this web page, we plan to increase the accessibility of more users and provide a wider range of services to users through various development and partnership services.”

GEEGOO features metaverse functionality that enables users to communicate with other users from around the world. The metaverse features allow users to participate in puzzles, network with friends, mine tokens, and learn about new cultures. It is expected to draw in users from across the globe.

In addition, as it can be used as a means of advertising through targeted advertising, anyone from individuals to companies can use it as a marketing tool. GEEGOO PUZZLE is forming its own unique advertising culture play space through ‘puzzles’, such as the fact that the target to be exposed to the puzzle can be freely set and can be used as a target advertisement. Advertisers can set the target and directly select the advertising cost, and it is easy and simple to use, so it has high convenience.

The total issuance of GGP tokens is 3 billion, which will be distributed at a rate of 50% to GEEGOO PUZZLE Mining, 20% of company equity, 20% of donation amount, 5% of company operating cost, and 5% of initial circulation. Users will also have the opportunity to earn GGP tokens through GEEGOO PUZZLE gameplay and mining through various structures on the platform.

To join the GEEGOO PUZZLE Telegram group, go to https://t.me/Geegoo_puzzle

To join the GEEGOO PUZZLE Twitter, go to https://twitter.com/PGeegoo

To learn more about GEEGOO PUZZLE, go to www.geegoopuzzle.com

Media Contact:
Company Name: hiiktalk co., Ltd
Contact Person: Jeong ehun
Email: [email protected]
Country: South Korea
Website: www.geegoopuzzle.com


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