Archive of PEACEMINUSONE NFT gains explosive interest from the public with only 8 NFTs released for the 2nd NFT drop

FANDOM KOREA, a subsidiary of Flask (041590), announced on the 9th that the 2nd NFT drop of PEACEMINUSONE x FANDOM collaboration NFT was sold out

PEACEMINUSONE and FANDOM launched a collaboration NFT based on G-Dragon’s original artwork, Archive 2016, which embodies the spirit of PEACEMINUSONE. The NFT represents puzzle pieces of the original painting and similar to the original name, it is called Archive of PEACEMINUSONE.

After 1988 pieces were sold in the 1st NFT drop, FANDOM presented only eight pieces of NFTs in the 2nd NFT drop. The 2nd NFTs drop also sold out shortly after the sales began, facing a rush of customers which led to fans from all around the world including China, Japan, and Southeast Asia asking about additional sales plans and purchasing methods.

FANDOM plans to hide the specific reason behind the limited number of NFTs until the scheduled NFT sales are completed. The benefits for NFT holders have not been disclosed, raising the curiosity of the holders.

“G-Dragon’s Archive 2016 presents an experimental method of reproducing existing images with various techniques, covering them with bold colors and brush strokes, graffiti-like spray painting, collage, etc.” said Jang Hye-soon CEO of Jang Design Art, also mentioning that “The painting technique that includes the repetitive production and denial of the work shows G-Dragon’s endless doubts and questions about the present and visually expresses his passionate pursuit of a new type of art.”

One of the officials from Fandom Korea said, “There will be additional sales of G-Dragon’s collaboration NFT.” In addition, she said ” When G-Dragon’s first artwork NFT sales are completed, we plan to launch a NFT P2P (Person-to-Person Transaction) market ‘TikTok Moments’, and we will announce further details on the Fandom website.”