If there’s any ranking amongst the most used terms in the science-tech industry, NFT, DAO, and Metaverse will surely make their way up to the top. In terms of business model, these trio’s relationships are closely connected like a circle with no end:

  • As Bitcoin become famous, it further advances the tech revolution of blockchain
  • As blockchain tech advances, it brings the flourishment of DeFi
  • The rise of DeFi, ignites the business opportunity of NFT
  • The success of NFT extends into GameFi and sprout practical methods for Metaverse

While Metaverse becomes the hottest topic around the world, it brings yet another huge wave of reassessment regarding blockchain’s decentralization feature among the professionals, thus bringing forth the public demand for introducing DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) into the current system.

As such, we’ve foreseen these imminent changes in the game’s rule and took this advantage to establish a brand new strategy of wealth – CrazyBunny, a community that synchronizes blockchain games, DAO and Metaverse, a platform that can provide perfect solutions for financial demands.

Fair & Square – The First Metaverse Gaming Platform that Uses USDT

CrazyBunny is more like an amusing carnival than a general gaming platform. Players can easily access the game just by browsing the webpage. The game’s winning and losing depend almost on pure luck, with no techniques involved at all. CrazyBunny is a perfect manifestation of the “entertainment first” idea and players can fully enjoy the game’s fairness, without paying any additional access fee.

Participating in various games within CrazyBunny allows players to earn the game’s currency – $CBUNNY. You guessed it, it’s the famous Play2Earn model that everyone is now talking about!

$CBUNNY is not just your everyday in-game currency, but is also the platform’s stock certificate. As $CBUNNY does not belong to anyone but the whole CrazyBunny community, all profits from the platform will be 100% returned to all SCBUNNY holders. The best part is, all of these returns will be released to players weekly in USDT!

Steadfast Development Potential
– Collaboration with Gaming Giants Evolution Gaming & Evoplay

Sure, GameFi has attracted a lot of attention by its relatively new concept of financial potential. However, no matter how captivating the profit scheme is, the game itself still has to be good enough to make players wanting to keep on playing.

In order to make CrazyBunny a sustainable gaming platform, we have invited Evolution Gaming and Evoplay, two of the most influential gaming suppliers, to collaboratively support our gaming development and maintenance.

Even so, all development plans shall be decided by the DAO. We can assure that every detail of the game shall follow the principle of decentralization, for this is essential to make CrazyBunny sustainable in the long run and keep our players satisfied.

Road to Future – Building an Entertainment Kingdom in the Virtual World of SANDBOX

Although CrazyBunny is still at its early stage, its position as a grid node within the Metaverse marks it extremely promising in the future.

Currently, the development team is proposing an idea of entering the virtual property world via SANDBOX, one of the hottest sandbox games there is, an open world that allows players to build their own kingdom. Once the DAO agrees with this idea, CrazyBunny shall officially participate in the SANDBOX world and establish a great kingdom in the Metaverse.

CrazyBunny shall continue to contribute in the future development trends of decentralized technology and provide unparalleled values to its users to achieve the win-win situation of earning while playing. Now, more than thousands dollar value of prizes are giving away to players that participle the game for the first time. Please contact us if you want to know more https://t.me/crazybunnyofficial

Official Website: http://crazybunny.io

Telegram Groups :-

Official Telegram:https://t.me/crazybunnygroup

Chinese Community Telegram:https://t.me/cncrazybunny


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