On April 20, during the CORESKY 2023 HONGKONG Conference, PAYSON LEE PRIVATE FOUNDATION revealed that it had completed a $6 million pre-seed funding round for Coresky. Depending on the actual circumstances of the project, by the end of 2023, the foundation expects to invest a second-round funding of no less than $50 million and up to hundreds of millions.

Coresky is an asset-backed NFT issuance and trading platform that utilizes a unique business model of ‘NFT trading platform + Launchpad asset bundles’ to bridge the primary and secondary markets. This model helps project parties and institutions ease the pressure of capital outflow and also enables users to participate in investment opportunities in the primary market. It has been reported that within a month of its product launch, Coresky’s global fan base exceeded 24,000, while the platform’s cumulative sales surpassed 17,000 ETH.