Dear Dcoin Traders,

Dcoin will list CBE on 25th September. Details are as follows:

  • 25th September

CBE/USDT trading pair will be open at 6:00 (UTC), go to trade

  • 28th September

 Deposit and withdrawal will be available from 6:00 (UTC)

Event 1: Purchasing CBE with  30% discount

Event rules:  Users can purchase CBE on Dcoin with 30% discount according to the marketing price on a first-come-first-served basis.

Time:  3:00,  25th September(UTC)

Marketing price : The real-time marketing price (Will be published before the event)

Amount for sale:  200,000

Purchasing method:  30% discount

Eg: The marketing price is 1.0 USDT, and the purchase price after 30% discount is 0.7 USDT.


1. The purchase range for each account is 50~5000 CBE.

2. Purchase should be conducted on PC (web interface).

2.The contents of the event may change due to the situation of the exchange. Dcoin reserves the right to interpret the event.

Event 2: Obtaining CBE for free by depositing

Event rules: If you deposit more than 2000 CBE (including) to Dcoin, you can get 100 CBE for free. One account is limited to one time.

Time:  6:00,  28th September(UTC)

Amount for the event:  7,000

Project  Introduction

Project name: The Chain Of Business Entertainment

Token symbol: CBE

The Chain Of Business Entertainment is based on The Internet Of things technology and blockchain technology , it can provide global connectivity value network infrastructure services and platform. CBE bases on the underlying technology of IPFS mechanism and Dpos consensus, try to make three big systems as DAPP framework system, the IoT platform system and block chain system. CBE has developed intelligent game applications, distributed mall preliminary form contract, it can also be applied to vertical social, tourism, real estate, transportation, medical treatment, and so on. CBE Tries to improve the traditional commercial circulation, construction of the future commercial value consensus, and build a new world of global connectivity.

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