Catchibit Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in binary option trading.

It supports 125x leverage trading of various cryptocurrencies as well as Bitcoin 2-minute binary option trading.

Through the launch of binary option trading, Catchibit Exchange

We are doing various events such as paying bonus amount to customers.

Catchibit Exchange puts the protection of investors’ assets and the provision of a stable investment environment as its central values, and strictly and transparently manages the listing and trading process of all digital assets.

Cryptocurrency stored in the Catchibit Exchange uses the Bitgo wallet solution, a third-class security solution for international financial institutions.

This includes a multi-signature bitcoin wallet solution, 100% cold wallet storage technology, and SOC TYPE 1&2 certification.

The BitGo solution is the world’s No. 1 solution and is used by grobal exchange.

For the security system and transaction stability, which are the most important elements of a cryptocurrency exchange, we have a security system at the level of a financial company through wallet (cold wallet) security, network separation, and cloud security.

The highly scalable system design focused on providing services without obstacles despite the influx of new investors and rapid increase in trading volume.