It has been revealed that Bixen, which provides a decentralized data storage service, is pursuing an IPO on the US stock exchange NASDAQ in 2023.

According to several San Francisco Venture Capitalist data, Bixen is scheduled to be listed on NASDAQ in August next year through a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) method.

To this end, Bixen established BIXEN Holdings, a SPAC corporation, and submitted a preliminary examination to the SEC for listing on Nasdaq through a merger with Bixen and a third company.

Through a business agreement between San Francisco’s Paradigm and Bixen, consulting for listing is received, and additional investment attraction also shows tangible results.

The company to be merged with Bixen is a listed IT company based in San Jose and announced that it plans to attract about $100 million in new investment through the listing of the two companies.

Bixen is a company that provides a data distribution storage system using blockchain, showing recent growth. Bixen connects the people who have excess storage space and the sectors in need of storage using the Bixen protocol.

Bixen provides solutions for many sectors, such as research & University labs, geosciences, bio-sciences, Computer-aided engineering, banking & financing services, and more, which require a massive amount of computing and storage power.

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