Two good news messages come from 2local, the innovative Fintech Company from the Netherlands. Our native 2local coin, 2LC, will be listed on the fast-growing Bitrue exchange dedicated to providing secure and convenient crypto currency trading services. In addition, 2local is entering into a partnership with crypto payment provider Simplex. This opens the door for hassle-free crypto currency purchases on top Tier 1 crypto exchanges and 2local’s native hybrid HeX exchange.

2local mission.

Large global banks and multinationals take advantage of globalization while functioning and thriving at the expense of local businesses that cannot compete fairly with those giant organizations. 2local’s mission is to reverse that trend by promoting local small and medium businesses. Why local? Because local systems are best suited to achieve sustainability, which we cannot say about the global and centralized systems. Just look at the impact of the 2008 financial crisis to understand where the system has led us. In addition, local systems help us rethink our social and environmental values ​​and develop relationships between local businesses and consumers that reward quality, fairness and prosperity for the many, not the greedy global elite. The system is built on blockchain technology and it will not result in inflation, but in excellent stability and a fair and healthy economy. In addition, the relationships between local businesses and consumers will engender a ‘give and take’ attitude that has been totally neglected by the mainstream financial system.

2local cashback system

The 2local cashback system promotes prosperity by rewarding people who buy local products. 2local implements this using a loyalty platform, which has a built-in cashback function. The platform functions as a marketplace that connects businesses and consumers and an intelligent trading algorithm that guarantees the value growth of the 2LC-token. The platform is powered by blockchain technology, which in turn contributes to the creation of sustainability and prosperity. For example, 2local has its own blockchain with its own native 2LC-coin. The blockchain uses little energy, is very fast and has a very secure consensus mechanism. It’s a great place to move your digital business, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and find potential for your great products that your local and loyal customers will buy.

2local partnership with Bitrue

The first good news is a new partnership with Bitrue! Bitrue is a fast-growing crypto middle exchange. Although it has a low profile, it can already boast of its prestigious position in the top 80 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. A group of blockchain enthusiasts founded the Bitrue exchange with a focus on crypto currency trading. Its mission is to provide a secure and convenient service for crypto currency trading and become the best aggregator of suitable crypto currencies around the world. Bitrue has many advantages:

  • The senior management team consists of security experts who represent the top of their profession internationally;
  • The platform has advanced multi-level cluster structure, cold wallet with security system;
  • Global offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Advantages of the partnership between 2local and Bitrue

The synergy between 2local and Bitrue will help fulfill the missions of both companies. Users can buy 2local coins on one of the most secure crypto exchanges, safe, fast and cost efficient. It will contribute to DeFi and blockchain’s greater mission to achieve more transparency, privacy and financial inclusion and provide a reliable alternative to a failing centralized economy.

The presence of 2 local coins on the exchange will open doors for Tier 1 crypto exchanges in the near future. Since Tier 1 exchanges only accept tokens that are on the middle exchanges, we chose the renowned Bitrue exchange to list our 2LC-tokens. The payment method for buying and selling coins is provided by Simplex, an online crypto payment provider.

2local partnership with SImplex

This is the second great news! 2local is proud to announce another partnership with crypto payment provider “Simplex”. Simplex is a recognized financial institution that enables its extensive network of partners to accept the widest range of payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA and many more! Simplex enables their partners to provide an infrastructure that allows people to buy and sell digital assets on various online platforms, including crypto exchanges. Advantages of SImplex:

  • No risks, no ongoing reserves, no security incidents;
  • Highest conversion rates, multiple acquisition solutions;
  • Enable the purchase of over 45 crypto currencies through Simplex’s network with hundreds of partners.

In addition, the Simplex team has the mission to contribute to the acceptance of crypto currencies. That’s why they are constantly rolling out support for additional currencies, including more than 50 fiat currencies so far. The company has enabled innovative solutions that guarantee 100% fraud-free transactions for consumers and online platforms. They also have a zero chargeback guarantee, which is paramount for online businesses.

Advantages of the partnership between 2local and Simplex

By partnering with Simplex, 2local can provide the users with an excellent payment method to buy and sell 2LC-tokens on Bitrue exchange. In addition, this allows 2local users to purchase tokens on 2local’s native HeX hybrid exchange. In addition, a partnership with Simplex helps 2local to have its tokens listed on the largest and most liquid Tier 1 exchanges (such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kucoin, etc.) for a safe and hassle-free way to buy and sell 2local coins. Being listed on more exchanges and Tier 1 exchanges is on 2local’s roadmap and the milestone will be reached sooner than later.


The new partnership is the next step in the fulfillment of the 2local mission towards a different type of banking that makes prosperity, sustainability and equality possible for everyone. Although 2local has experienced some delay due to Covid-19 in reaching its milestones on the outlined roadmap. Fortunately, the advance continues, and the company is committed to delivering on what has been promised. The demo hybrid show started on April 11th and we have sealed the crucial partnerships. Acceleration will begin and 2local will cover all of the roadmap’s milestones. Stay tuned and prepare to buy 2 local tokens on Bitrue.

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